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54 books, 5 Steps, from aged 5 to 12


-The workbooks meet the needs of all students.

-PlayFACTO is structured to meet the needs of students aged 5 to 12 to help them learn mathematics systemically by separating areas of study into five categories: Number and Operations, Figures, Classifications, Patterns, and Measurement.

-The main activities are ideal for understanding the fundamentals of mathematics.

-The primary activities are perfect for understanding the principles and fundamentals of mathematics, helping you to learn them well while having fun and achieving unit objectives.

-Preparatory activities come before the main activities.

-Preparatory activities are designed to help you learn the fundamentals and concepts of math that should be learned prior to participating in the main activities. You progress step by step and can also selectively choose the activities for your level.

-There is harmony between individual and group activities.

-Manipulative activities are divided into individual activities, which help children engage in  self-directed learning and group activities that lead to cooperative and competitive learning.

-Follows the focal points of NCTM (The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics)






How to Use

1. Systematic learning program

Each workbook consists of four weeks of work to provide a systematic learning curriculum.


2. One-on-one and group study

Workbooks allow for one-on-one or group study by pairing a parent with a child at home or a child with a teacher or other children at public and private educational institutes.


3. Interest, motivation and capacity of expression

It is a useful tool to motivate and spark children's interests in mathematics or to develop mathematical thinking and communication skills.


4. Discussion and description

The game diary is a place where you can write winning strategies and principles of math you discover while playing the game. Expressing and discussing your findings with others in a class will prepare you for essay questions.