PlayFACT is a new type of manipulative learning program that enhances mathematical learning through fun manipulatives, workbooks, and game videos consistent with a traditional elementary math curriculum.

PlayFACTO Program Description

Professional mathematics manipulative program for kindergarten and elementary.

Improvement of interest and confidence in mathematics

Lessons with teachers and parents

Specialized in the progression of mathematics learning

Long term learning program

PlayFACTO Component


136 manipulatives in 10 boxes reflect the common core curriculum that provides various disciplines such as 'Number and Operations' 'Plain Figure' 'Solid Figure, and 'Patterns / Classifications / Measurement.'


5 steps(K, P, A, B, S), in total 54 workbooks work in connection with each manipulative from ages 5 to 12.

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Game Manual

The game manual with 123 games in each area allow students to play fun math games alone or as a group without a workbook.

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Learning Videos

The videos contain 123 games based on the game manual that explain how to play the games. Watch the videos together and let students or children play and learn how to do the activity.

PlayFACTO Class Models

Four weeks of work

One-on-one or group study at public and private educational institutes.

Motivates and sparks children’s interest in mathematics

Game diaries to write winning strategies and principles of math you discover

Express and discuss findings with others to prepare for writing assignments

Depending on educational needs students can study as little as once a week,

 or as often as 5 times per week.

PlayFACTO is not a manipulative just for brain development.

An integrated math program with manipulatives, workbooks, a game manual, and game videos.

Long term curriculum based math learning program

Able to check the child's growing knowledge objectively through PlayFACTO Workbooks

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