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Fun learning through sensory play!

 PlayFACTO pre-Kids is an educational program created to help preschool kids aged,

2 to 4, learn mathematical concepts on their own initiative in the course of playing with various educational materials, including toys, and listening to interesting short stories which are devised to encourage learners

to use mathematical vocabulary and concepts repeatedly!


PlayFACTO pre-Kids Component


Manipulatives + Story materials + Worksheets

+ Story e-books + pre-Kids songs



⊙ Designed to promote inquiry and physical mobility through fun activities.

 Fine-quality wood and attractive designs to increase children’s curiosity and sensory stimulation.

Story Material


⊙ Key math concepts through short stories; an approachable way to help kids easily remember.

⊙ Rhymes and rhythmical passages for kids to follow along and easily repeat.



⊙ Guides for easy understanding of new math concepts and elements

⊙ Using math concepts to increase background knowledge, enhancing mathematical thinking for daily activities

PlayFACTO pre-Kids 

Moving Puzzle

  • Domain: Figure Ⅰ

  • Topic: Distinguish ○, □ and △ based on the experience of their shapes.

  • Story: Thump! Thump! Vroom! Vroom!

Fishing Puzzles

  • Domain: Difference Ⅰ

  • Topic: Distinguish and compare sizes.

  • Story: They Became Giant Fish!

Butterfly Puzzles

  • Domain: Classification

  • Topic: Understand differences in property and match objects according to their properties.

  • Story: Thank You, Hedgehog!

Matching Puzzles

  • Domain: Quantity Ⅱ

  • Topic: Match objects one to one and understand which is larger or smaller.

  • Story: We Are Good Friends

Counting Puzzles

  • Domain: Quantity Ⅰ

  • Topic: Distinguish and count one, two, three, four and five.

  • Story: What Do You Want For A Gift?

Snail Puzzles

  • Domain: Figure Ⅱ

  • Topic: Understand the relationship between objects according to their formal semblance, sameness and difference

  • Story: We Are Snails of the Various Shapes.

Block Puzzles


Animal Puzzles

  • Domain: Difference Ⅱ

  • Topic: Distinguish and compare the length and heights of objects.

  • Story: Higher, Higher! Longer, Longer!

  • Domain: Space I

  • Topic: Understand the front, sides and back of an object according to the spatial context between me and the object.

  • Story: Let’s Play Together, Ducks!

Number Puzzle

  • Domain: Quantity Ⅲ

  • Topic: Understand the amounts represented by numbers from 1 to 5.

  • Story: Look At the Peas Rolling Off!

Changing Puzzles

  • Domain: Figure Ⅲ

  • Topic: Perceive an object and complete its form.

  • Story: When We Gather Trees, Flowers and Clouds

Stair-house Puzzles

  • Domain: Space Ⅱ

  • Topic: Understand and identify positions, above and below, and inside and outside.

  • Story: Mischievous Baby Monkey

RingRing Puzzles

  • Domain: Patterns

  • Topic: Understand regularity

  • Story: Octopus and Friends Under the Sea

PlayFACTO pre-Kids Features


Play Manipulatives

Multifaceted learning quests via various hands-on activities

Learning through fun physical activities

A firm mathematical foundation

Story Materials

Understanding of mathematical vocabulary

Independent use of mathematical language

Internalization of mathematical vocabulary and concepts


Clarification of concepts based on integrated experience

Consolidation of concepts via understanding, application, integration, and expansion

Development of mathematical knowledge through diverse activities

ebook & pre-Kids songs

Promotion of interest by using audiovisual content

Improvement of curiosity and concentration

Active participation and productive interaction

PlayFACTO pre-Kids 

5 Step Learning


pre-Kids Song

Each class starts with the joyful singing of the pre-Kids Song. The song is expected to help young learners focus their attention to start the class.

Story Aids

These educational materials are designed to introduce learners to what they will be taught in today’s class. The materials guide the children to the world of math through a variety of interesting stories where they can experience diverse mathematical situations and accept and express vocabulary and concepts of math spontaneously.

*Play the pre-Kids Song and story aids through animations for more engagement!



Learners are guided to the situation in worksheets through a short story.
The story told to the learners about the situation in the worksheets stimulates the children’s capacity to think and experience a variety of mathematical situations. Provided with a different episode for each learning session, the stories also help the learners expand background knowledge and use mathematical thoughts in their daily lives.


Educational Toys

Kids learn while playing with toys.

In this stage learners are stimulated to increase their curiosity through playing with educational toys, constructing and understanding various mathematical principles on their own. They are guided to play a more active, and independent role in this learning process. The active physical movements involved during the stage also help them improve communication skills and capacity to teach themselves which typically yields better results.



Worksheets help learners deepen and systematize what they learned.
Worksheets are designed to help children combine different mathematical concepts obtained through story aids and toy activities and express them in a systematic manner. The activity with worksheets involves using various visual, symbolic images which are designed to form and internalize mathematical concepts obtained in the earlier activities. This learning process also encourages learners to think and respond positively and express their ideas more actively.


Finishing Process

Each learning process ends with a special finale during which learners are guided to tidy their “classroom” by putting their learning materials back to the box where they are stored until the next session. This stage of finishing offers children one more opportunity to observe the learning aids and remind them what they learned with fun activities.

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