PlayFACTO Kids is a professional program for the development of early childhood that focuses on the basic concept and principle of mathematics using wooden manipulatives and workbooks for children.

PlayFACTO Kids Component


36 manipulatives are provided so that various subjects can be studied according to ages and levels. The manipulatives will help enjoyable learning and easy understanding of mathematical concepts through participative activities.


Each manipulative is paired with a workbook. The children can use the manipulatives more effectively with the workbooks, having various experiences and exploring activities. 

Learning Videos

In the video manuals, a friendly character appears and begins with a story, and leads the session with fun.
Watch the playing clip with the child and learn how to do the activity.

PlayFACTO Kids Curriculum

What makes PlayFACTO Kids Unique?

Five areas of Mathematics

Child Development

Three Skills

Fun Features

PlayFACTO Kids for Teachers

Teaching Plan

Teaching Plans are color-coded

to match the workbooks.

Video Manuals

Video Manuals are available for teachers to understand the teaching process.

PlayFACTO Kids 3 Step Learning

1. Introduction

Approach the mathematical concept, and provide the learning objective, and guideline.


Children can approach the mathematical concepts through familiar stories in everyday life.
Let the children listen to the story first, and then listen to their thoughts.
Encourage the children to think mathematically in their daily life.

2. Practice

Realizing mathematical principles in specific activities.


Young children think as they see; so it is important to provide appropriate manipulatives for activities.
Give the manipulative, revise each concept, and make the child solve the problem.
The game activity involves repetition; make the child naturally learn throughout the session.

3. Game

Game-based achievement behavior


Now, it’s time for fun.
The game activity makes the children think strategically and strengthens problem-solving skills.
Follow the rules and instructions while playing the game.
When the game is finished, let the child clean up on their own.

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